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About our Signature Mats

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All signature mats include the mat, pen/pencil, wood frame, hanger, practice signing sheet and **plexiglass/acrylic to protect the mat after signing. You will received the framed mat ready to be signed, all you need to do is install your photo.
Black signature mats comes with a white pencil, or you can use silver or gold pens.
White signature mats come with black sharpie, or you can use silver or gold pens or pencil.
Silver and gold mats come with black sharpie, or you can use ball point pen for an embossed look.
Test first on the included 8x10 practice signing mat before using on the actual signature mat.

*All mats are custom cut, we can make the photo opening any size you need, also the title opening can be made any size or removed. Actual mat opening size is 7.5x9.5
**We always ship with the signature mat in front of the plexiglass/acrylic so it's ready to sign upon arrival. The plexiglass/acrylic is behind the mat and foam core behind the acrylic, click here for details.
The acrylic comes with protective film usually white film or blue film this will need to be removed.

Please fill out the form at the link below for your personalized text on your signature mat.
If we don't receive your personalized information and your preferred mat orientation within 2 days. The mat will be shipped out without your personalized information and the orientation will be vertical. Not applicable on some mats

We ship using FedEx or USPS our choice. All tracking information is emailed to you from Fedex and USPS when the shipping label's are printed.
ETA with FedEx

Using your FedEx account to ship:
To make the label, login to your FedEx account create the shipment from the address below to your address and print the label to adobe pdf and email me the pdf.
 Or some customers do it as a call tag and FedEx would email the label to me.
How to make a call tag:

Quantity of signatures per mat
20x24 - 8x10 photo ~200 and 5x7 photo ~300
16x20 - 5x7 photo ~200 or 8x10 photo ~100
11x14 - 5x7 photo ~50
 The number of signatures per mat really depends on the photo size and the guests signing it. I have some customers that could get twice that many signatures on a mat and then other customers would get half that many or less. If your guests add more than just their signature like "Good wishes for both and much love, Have a great honeymoon Regan and family 2014, Ronald, Emily, Jason, John, Mary, Elizabeth and Michael" of course you would get much less signatures per mat.